Darin has always excelled in sports and athletics. Growing up fitness was always an important part of his life. In high school he played soccer and was always involved in athletics. Though a very strong guy Darin never enjoyed the traditional weight room setting. He would rather chop down a tree than go do bench press. After college he was searching for something new and fun so he could be challenged. In 2011 a friend told him that he was doing Crossfit. After trying his first workout he was hooked. With a desire to learn more and help others become more healthy Darin was certified in 2012. That year he partnered with Dan Mason and opened the doors to Crossfit Thrive. Over the last two years he has continued his education wanting to know as much as possible to coach the sport of fitness. Darin has a big passion for people. He loves helping people grow and become more efficient in their movements. Darin also loves the community that comes along with Crossfit. He loves that here at Thrive everyone is like a big family. Darin wants to see people make good decisions that will ensure they live long healthy lives. His personal love is anything to do with olympic lifting. He has attended the Crossfit Weightlifting Trainers Course and plans to seek more certifications in Olympic Weightlifting this year.

Holly Bezy



When Holly started Crossfit in the fall of 2012 she had little experience with weight training. At that time, she was an active runner and mainly focused on her personal health and nutrition. But, Holly was looking for something more. Since her very first workout, Crossfit has provided her with the training, equipment, and knowledge necessary to become a well-rounded, fit athlete. The motivational environment, competitive spirit, and constantly varied workouts have prevented boredom and burnout. Holly is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. She also has a love and passion for talking to clients about their nutrition, clean eating, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Liz Martin



Liz is a great coach who strives to kick your butt in each session. She’s hella excited about kicking your butt next.

Caitlin Green



Caitlin is another great coach who strives to kick your butt in each session. She’s also hella excited about kicking your butt next.