“Every great journey starts with a single step.”

What is Crossfit Thrive 6-Week Challenge?

WHAT: Every great journey starts with a single step. We here at CrossFit Thrive want to help you with that first step. Our 6 Week Challenge is designed to put you on the path to a leaner, happier and more confident YOU. In this Course you will be lead by our staff of enthusiastic and knowledgeable Coaches all the while being in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. They will teach you the correct form and technique of several movements found in a typical CrossFit class, emphasizing proper mechanics for a safe and efficient workout. You will meet supportive/like minded friends and learn valuable tools to keep you fit for life. YOUR SUCCESS, IS OUR SUCCESS!

WHEN: 3 days per week:

-M-Wed-Th // 10:30am | 6:30pm | 7:30pm

-M-Wed-Fri // 5:30pm (All Female Class)

EXPERIENCE: The great thing about this challenge is that no prior Crossfit experience is required. As a matter of fact, the less experience you have the better.

DURATION: 6 weeks, Classes are starting soon!

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