Here at Crossfit Thrive we are open to several different forms of fitness. Unlike some other gyms we do open our minds up to different modalities of fitness. Below are a list of the things we offer here and outside of Thrive. The most important thing is to get off the couch and do something.


What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is the main focus of our business. We believe that through Crossfit a person can truly live a longer healthy life through our prescription of Constantly Varied High Intensity Functional Movement. People see physical and emotional adaptation in their lives. We are not designed to sit on a couch and watch TV for the rest of our lives. Crossfit allows a person to move and work and push themselves to new limits they never thought possible. It builds confidence and fortitude. If you haven’t tried Crossfit yet come in and join us for Two Weeks Free!


Why Online Programming?

You are someone who has a sweet set up in your garage or love working out at your more traditional gym and rocking the Jacuzzi afterward. Maybe you are already at a CrossFit Box and want programming specific to your goals. That’s what this program is here for. Whatever your goals our trainers are prepared to help you hit them. We are actively programming for CrossFitters, Bodybuilders, Weightlifters, Powerlifters, Strongmen/women, and people just looking to tone up and loose a few pounds.

What does this program include?
– Awesome workouts that will keep you progressing and blasting through plateaus.
– Nutrition advice to get the most out of your workouts.
– Access to your coach via email, phone, and social media (for purposes of video analysis).

What is the cost?
$100.00 per month will get you the care and attention of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost anywhere on the planet.


Why Competition Prep?

If you are consistently murdering our Level 3 workouts it may be time to look into competing in some local competitions. If you want to excel at that level you likely need to get stronger and build some durability through extra WODs and more general volume.

Our competition preparation program is for Athletes wanting to take their CrossFit performance to the next level. You will be doing a higher than normal volume of Olympic lifting and Gymnastics movements as these the game changers as far as competitive CrossFit goes.

There are many ways to fit this program into your regular training depending greatly on how well you let your body recover and what your habits are like at home.

There will be a Strength/Gymnastics focus during the skill/strength work followed by a WOD trying to hit common weak points competitors have. At a minimum you will need to do the strength/skill work followed by either the WOD for the general membership or the Comp WOD. You could do both MetCons and the strength/skill work if you are feeling up for it. This will be dependent on your recovery practices.

In the end competitive CrossFit is a game of “how much volume can your body handle.” This program will provide that increased volume in a progressive and intelligent way.

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